Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Da Real Nino get in depth with his Plug Star interview

Where you from and how’d you first fall in love with music? 
I'm originally from Indianapolis, IN but we moved to Mobile, AL when I was around 12. I've always loved music growing up. My mother was an artist as well, so I grew up listening to her music and the artists on our family label, On Point Entertainment. Music was always playing in the house. Everything from Rap to Gospel. 

What are your musical inspirations? 
My musical inspirations come from the things I experience on a day to day basis for the most part. Sometimes I'm inspired by the track or something I see going on in my community. 

How did the arts inspire and mold you into the person that you are today? 
The creative process of making music as a whole inspires me. I think just being in a family that made music and listening to some of my favorite artists growing up and now just continues to inspire me to be great. My confidence in making music and the response I get when people hear my music confirms that I've found my purpose and calling in life to be a great artist. 

Define how music makes you feel compared to how you make others feel with it? 
Music is therapeutic to say the least. Depending on my mood and what music I'm listening to I feel different emotions. Some music helps you think while others get you hype and ready to Turn Up! My goal with my music is to have something that everyone can relate to and enjoy regardless of what they are going through in life. I make music from the heart and songs that make you feel good. 

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned about your truth and art? 
The most important lesson I have learned is to be true to myself, write music that resonates with me and pray that the fans catch my vibe. I've also learned to never doubt myself and to trust the process of not only making my music but how it is perceived in the marketplace. Patience is necessary in the music industry because sometimes it feels like things are moving as fast as I would like yet there is a lot of progress happening all the time. 

How did you start your career? 
I actually started playing around with recording music when I was still in college. In August 2019, I told my parents I wanted to do music instead of going to school or playing football. They challenged me to make real singles and not just rap. When we moved to Atlanta, I felt like I had a great opportunity to get my music heard. In December of 2019, my close homeboy Cam was killed as we were really starting to make music and take it seriously. One he died, I felt like I owed it to him and myself to focus my energy on my career. 

What do you want to leave behind in regards to legacy? 
My legacy is everything to me. As an artist, I want to make music that is timeless and classic. I want to be known as the artist that did not let anything stop him from achieving his goals. I took a leap of faith when I left school to pursue music, so I'm committed to excellence and working diligently to be the best. 

What are you working on this summer? 
I have my next 2 singles ready to release in first quarter 2021, so prayerfully by the summer I will be able to do shows, record more music and really start to collaborate with more established artists. I have enough music for 2 albums so that will be in the works as well.

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